Much of our work is rooted in renovations of existing buildings. Renovations consider efficient assembly, operation, budget, and maintenance. In some cases, there are historical elements that require consideration. Our designs strive to achieve accessible spaces for all abilities. A frequent challenge is to renovate existing public spaces such as building entrances and toilet rooms, as accessibility was often an afterthought in older facilities. Our design approach is sensitive to existing building elements that should be retained or improved. New materials are specified for contributions to indoor air quality and recycled content.

One aspect of our approach that sets us apart is excelling at documenting field conditions. A thorough field survey ensures completeness of design and helps prevent costly change orders after the project is awarded. With our array of consultants, we can often assess potential problem materials and systems during the design phase.  

Light Guard Armory Renovation

Washtenaw Armory Interior & Exterior Renovations

Cadillac Place Building Entrance Renovation

Lapeer Armory Building Addition and Renovation

Marquette Elevator Addition / USMS Renovation / USDC Renovation

Prospectus Modernization

Historic Chambers and Courtroom Renovation

New Dedicated Passenger Elevator

Historic Window Replacement

Belle Isle Conservatory Structural Improvements - Phase 1

Masonry Repairs and Roof Replacements

Belle Isle Casino Sprinkler Replacement

Cellblock / Offices / Control Center

U.S. Court of Appeals Chambers Renovation

Reserve Forces Service Center Building Renovations

VAMC Library, Medical Media & Clinic Renovation

Courtroom Ceiling & Lighting Improvements

Warehouse Building Addition

USDC Chambers and Courtroom

Glen Eden Mausoleum Crypt Infill