Location: Ypsilanti. MI

Client: General Services Administration

Size: 46,700 sq ft

Services Provided: 

Project Relevance: Exterior Renovation; Masonry/Stone Repair; Building Envelope Analysis; Roof Repair/Replacement; Interior Remodeling and Renovation; Millwork; HVAC; Plumbing; Electrical; Civil; Security; Force Protection/Anti-Terrorism; Parking/Paving; Fire Safety; Hazardous Materials; Special Tenant Needs; ADA; Code Analysis.

Washtenaw Armory Interior & Exterior Renovations

The interior renovation includes restroom upgrades for ADA compliance, shower and locker room modifications, new poured-in-place concrete vaults, offices, a physical training room, a break room, and supply areas with floor-to-ceiling wire mesh partitions.  The abandoned rifle range was converted to a personal equipment storage locker room.   Mechanical improvements include replacing through-wall units with a rooftop unit, a new energy recovery unit, new direct digital controls throughout the armory.  Plumbing modifications were required at the existing toilet rooms and new plumbing was added at the break room.  Electrical improvements included new lighting, occupancy sensors, power, data, infrastructure for security, and fire alarm.  Demolition and fire suppression modifications were also required. 

The existing ballast roofs were replaced with fully adhered EPDM roofs.  Masonry improvements included investigation and remediation of cracking brick corners, replacement of spalling and piping brick, re-cutting expansion joints that have closed over time, the addition of new expansion joints, and remediation for improper flashing details in original design including adding flashing and weeps and sealing cracked glazed block.  The aluminum storefront entrance doors and curtain wall system were also replaced. 

The existing parking lot was shifted away from the Armory to achieve the design guide force protection standards.  Asphalt pavement included areas of normal duty and areas of heavy-duty pavement to accommodate the use of heavy equipment transporters.  An existing underground diesel fuel tank was removed and a new above ground 10,000-gallon diesel fuel tank was installed.  New fencing, gates, and parking barriers were installed.  Hydrants were replaced.  New exterior lighting included LED lighting on 40-foot tall poles and building-mounted light fixtures.  Dark lighting (sensors) was used to save energy and achieve security.

Prospectus Modernization

New Dedicated Passenger Elevator

Historic Window Replacement

Belle Isle Conservatory Structural Improvements - Phase 1

Masonry Repairs and Roof Replacements

Belle Isle Casino Sprinkler Replacement

Cellblock / Offices / Control Center

Reserve Forces Service Center Building Renovations

VAMC Library, Medical Media & Clinic Renovation

Warehouse Building Addition