Location: Detroit, MI

Client: Allied Building Service  

Size: 12,300 sq ft

Services Provided: 

Project Relevance: Building Addition; Industrial; HVAC; Plumbing; Electrical; Civil; Structural; Fire Safety; Special Tenant Needs; Code Analysis.

Warehouse Building Addition

The intent of this project is to construct additional warehouse space and truck loading docks between the two existing buildings. The scope of work included coordination of utility needs (electrical, sanitary, water, and storm); Energy Code analysis as required by the City; stormwater management plans and details; site plans and details; building elevations; structural plans; mechanical plans, schedules, and details; electrical plans, schedules, and details; calculations as necessary. 

Washtenaw Armory Interior & Exterior Renovations

Prospectus Modernization

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Belle Isle Conservatory Structural Improvements - Phase 1

Masonry Repairs and Roof Replacements

Cellblock / Offices / Control Center

Belle Isle Casino Sprinkler Replacement

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