Location: Bay City US Post Office - Bay City, MI

Client: General Services Administration

Size: 2,400 sq ft

Services Provided: 

Project Relevance: Historic Preservation; Interior Remodeling and Renovation; High Level of Finish; Specialty Lighting; Special Tenant Needs.

Courtroom Ceiling & Lighting Improvements

This project facilitated the site investigation and design for the ceiling and lighting upgrades in a courtroom at the Bay City US Post Office. The space was designed to maintain the overall historical look of the courtroom. 

Cadillac Place Building Entrance Renovation

Marquette Elevator Addition / USMS Renovation / USDC Renovation

Prospectus Modernization

Historic Chambers and Courtroom Renovation

New Dedicated Passenger Elevator

Historic Window Replacement

Belle Isle Conservatory Structural Improvements - Phase 1

Masonry Repairs and Roof Replacements

Belle Isle Casino Sprinkler Replacement

Cellblock / Offices / Control Center

Reserve Forces Service Center Building Renovations