Location: Belle Isle Aquarium - Detroit, MI

Client: Department of Natural Resources - State of Michigan

Size: 24,000 sq ft

Services Provided: 

Project Relevance: Historic Preservation; HVAC; Plumbing; Code Analysis.

Aquarium Improvements

The 24,000 SF Aquarium was designed by Albert Kahn and built-in 1904. The historic building uses a hot water heating system that is intertwined with the heating system in the adjacent Conservatory. Lack of maintenance and aging infrastructure has resulted in inadequate conditions.

Phase 1 was to provide an Infrastructure Study to identify major code deficiencies related to the Mechanical System in the Aquarium. Phase 2 is to provide the architectural, mechanical, and electrical design for a new heating system for the Aquarium. The original intent was to incorporate existing hot water boilers. Together with the State, the design team is thoroughly evaluating the type of heating system to coordinate with other renovation plans, future uses, and best long-term solution.  A feasibility study is currently underway to consider a geothermal system to both heat and cool the aquarium.  In addition to the new heating system, the existing air handling unit will be removed and replaced with a new unit for heating and ventilation to the main gallery area. 

Cadillac Place Building Entrance Renovation

Marquette Elevator Addition / USMS Renovation / USDC Renovation

Prospectus Modernization

Historic Chambers and Courtroom Renovation

New Dedicated Passenger Elevator

Historic Window Replacement

Belle Isle Conservatory Structural Improvements - Phase 1

Masonry Repairs and Roof Replacements

Belle Isle Casino Sprinkler Replacement

Cellblock / Offices / Control Center

Reserve Forces Service Center Building Renovations

Courtroom Ceiling & Lighting Improvements