Location: Michigan Memorial Park - Flat Rock, MI

Client: Michigan Memorial Park  

Size: 1,350 sq ft

Services Provided: 

Project Relevance: New Building Construction; High Level of Finish; Civil; Structural; Special Tenant Needs; ADA; Code Analysis.

Lighthouse Columbarium

Situated on the beautiful Huron River in southeast Michigan, the Michigan Memorial Park Lighthouse offers a unique final resting place in a natural setting.  Designed and constructed in conjunction with Cold Spring Granite, the Lighthouse theme was an obvious choice based its proximity to the river and as an homage to the many lighthouses dotting the extensive coastline of Michigan.  With 365 available niches, the Lighthouse and its cantilevered platform and its railing reminiscent of nautical deck offers unique views of the river and its lush banks.  It's concealed far from any public road, creating a peaceful and serene environment.  The Lighthouse is constructed above a 1930's pump room that feeds a pond at the gates of the cemetery and conceals a door that allows the cemetery to service the pump equipment.  Should the cemetery decide to eliminate the function of the pump room in the future, the interior of the lighthouse can be converted into a private columbarium.

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