Location: Rosa Parks Federal Building - Detroit, MI

Client: General Services Administration

Size: 49,000 sq ft

Services Provided: 

Project Relevance: Building Addition; Historic Preservation; Historic Restoration; Correctional Facility; Interior Remodeling and Renovation; Change In Use; Millwork; HVAC; Plumbing; Electrical; Specialty Lighting; Structural; Security; Fire Safety; Hazardous Materials; Special Tenant Needs; ADA; Code Analysis.

ERO OPLA Expansion

This project included the expansion and construction of office space and detention facilities throughout the Rosa Parks Federal Building.  The building consists of two main components: the Historic Building and the Annex Building.  The Historic Building has 3 stories, an attic, and a basement.  The Annex Building has 2 stories and a basement.

New work included steel stud and gypsum board acoustically rated walls; plastic laminate cabinetry; doors and hardware; painting; carpet; anti-static floor tile; ceiling systems; providing a complete turn-key security system; receptacles; data outlets; lighting; fire alarm modifications; fire sprinkler modifications; plumbing; replacing the air handler unit in both buildings, ductwork, and HVAC controls.  The renovation included 2 phases. Phase 1 work included the complete renovation of the first and second floors of the Annex Building and the replacement of the air handler unit in the basement of the Annex. Phase 2 work included the complete renovation of the basement, first, second and third floors of the Historic Building and the replacement of the air handler unit in the attic. A stair tower for a fire escape was also added.  Careful coordination of design with the GSA Historic Preservation Branch was required for the corridors of the Historic Building.    

Marquette Elevator Addition / USMS Renovation / USDC Renovation

U.S. Court of Appeals Chambers Renovation

USDC Chambers and Courtroom

Woodside Administration Building

St. Hedwig Administration Building Improvements