Location: Detroit, MI

Client: General Services Administration

Size: 70,000 sq ft - basement; 15,000 sq ft - 1st floor

Services Provided: 

Project Relevance: Interior Remodeling and Renovation; Industrial; HVAC; Life Cycle Cost Analysis; Structural; Plumbing; Electrical; Civil; Security; Fire Safety; Hazardous Materials; ADA; Code Analysis.

Light Guard Armory Renovation

This existing building was constructed in 1956 and serves as a training facility with food preparation, equipment storage, light maintenance, and administration.  The facility required a renovation to satisfy the current use and design guide standards including the size of supply rooms, personal equipment storage, and vaults.  As is common with buildings of this age, there were hazardous materials including asbestos and lead.  The building continued to be occupied during the renovation. 

Basement and first floor renovations included restrooms, a new poured concrete vault, modular vaults caged storage areas, new lighting, power, data, fire alarm, HVAC improvements, and plumbing.  Structural reinforcement and remediation of hazardous materials were required.  The design to renovate the 70,000 square foot basement incorporated the use of the original exhaust fans and much of the existing ductwork.  Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide detectors were added to control the exhaust.  Various types of concrete repairs were employed to restore the floor in the vehicle bays.  An existing generator was rebuilt and installed in an existing modified out-building.  The design to renovate 15,000 square feet of the first floor required eight new rooftop air handling units and improvements to the main lobby. 

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