Location: Lapeer, Michigan

Client: Department of Military and Veterans Affairs - State of Michigan

Size: 29,700 sq ft

Services Provided: 

Project Relevance: Building Addition; Exterior Renovation; Masonry/Stone Repair; Building Envelope Analysis; Roof Repair/Replacement; Interior Remodeling and Renovation; Military; Millwork; HVAC; Plumbing; Electrical; Civil; Structural; Security; Force Protection/Anti-Terrorism; Fire Safety; Special Tenant Needs; ADA; Code Analysis; Renderings.

Lapeer Armory Building Addition and Renovation

The Lapeer National Guard Armory was constructed in 1974 with the purpose of serving the Army National Guard and their duties. The intent of the project is to facilitate the removal and replacement of boilers and other hydronic components; the upgrade of electrical systems; the addition of a new rooftop air handling unit; the removal and replacement of interior lighting; the removal and replacement of ceilings; the remediation of hazardous materials; and the removal and replacement of the roofing system. 

Renovated and expanded toilet rooms and showers are designed to serve the increase of soldiers and changing demographic. Additional parking and another road access point accommodate both soldiers as well as civil functions such as emergency services, postal deliveries, and waste disposal. Included in the design for a new parking lot was the consideration and application of force protection and anti-terrorism regulations outlined in the National Guard Armory Design Guide. These same regulations were applied when designing the new addition and building envelope, where energy efficiency and cost savings were the primary drivers in design. New operations were added to the building with the increase in square footage, such as increased secure storage (including a new vault), classroom and learning areas, and administration offices.  The project will be broken into three phases. For this future project in addition to the services listed above, Forbes will provide Conceptual Design; Space Planning; Interior Design; and 3D Rendering.

The renovation and additions will be conditioned and ventilated by rooftop units.  Phase 1 includes one rooftop unit and Phases 2 and 3 will have approximately four rooftop units.  The systems will be variable air volume with hot water reheat.  Phase 1 will include the replacement of the hot water boiler and domestic hot water heater. The new HVAC equipment was analyzed for life cycle cost by providing a simple payback.  A new DDC control system was designed with Phase 1.  

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